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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability


These are the program areas that the Center for Sustainability is involved with and helps facilitate across campus. If you have ideas for future programs, please get in touch!

Multimodal Transportation

Bike Share

  • The bike share program is a student-driven, Center-supported program that aims to provide low cost bike rentals to students to use for the entire quarter. For just $20, students are provided with a 10-week bike rental, helmet, and University approved U-lock, as well as a free tune-up. The bike share program is supported in part by the Park Hill Bike Depot. Find out more about the bike share program.

 Bike Programming

  • The Center supports programs designed to improve bike infrastructure and education across campus. Our first bike fixtations (stations with bike tools and an air pump) can be found near the Nagel patio.

Transportation Center

  • The Transportation Center is run by Transportation Solutions, a nonprofit that works with the University to encourage use of transit, biking, carpooling, and walking as alternative transportation options for students. The Transportation Center also provides maps, bus schedules, carpooling coordination, and RTD pass and ticket sales.
Waste Minimization

Zero Waste Hockey Games

  • The country's first zero waste hockey games started right here at DU, with the goal of diverting as much waste from the landfill and into recycling and composting as possible. The hockey games were made possible with the help of 30 zero waste goalies each game, who teach patrons what goes where. Get involved!

Recycling and Composting

  • Look for new signage around campus on recycling and compost bins. For more information on our recycling and composting providers, visit the Alpine Waste & Recycling website. 

Waste Audits

  • Several classes have assisted with waste audits to provide us with information on the amount of material in the indoor and outdoor waste bins that is compostable, recyclable, or landfill. This helps us know where we can improve.

Furniture Share

  • The furniture share program was created in 2011 to enable departments to easily find, access, and use existing DU furniture – reducing unnecessary waste and also reducing the time and money spent purchasing new office furniture. Visit the Furniture Share page for more information.


  • For a complete list of upcoming events, visit our Events page or check out our Facebook page!

How Tuesdays

  • How Tuesdays take place over the lunch hour and cover a wide range of topics. It's a great opportunity to bring a lunch, learn about a new topic, and meet new people! Upcoming topics can be found on the Events or Facebook page. Find out more!

Sustainability Speaker Series

  • This quarterly event brings together faculty members from various departments to discuss ways to increase interdepartmental communication and learning. Check out the Events page or Facebook for more information.

Drink Sustainably

  • Come one, come all! Eat, drink, and mingle with sustainability-minded graduate students and others interested in sustainability issues. These monthly meet-ups are a fun way to get off campus, check out a local business, and meet some new people. For upcoming Drink Sustainably events, check out our Facebook or Events page.

Assessment and Adaptation

  • The Center conducts assessments to document our current measurements and to find ways to improve. Students, interns, and classes are deeply involved in this process. These assessments will become available on the Reporting page.

Writing Classes Tackle Sustainability Research – Megan Kelly, Melissa Tedrowe

  • Several FSEM and WRIT classes have been very focused on sustainability issues and have worked with the Center for Sustainability on waste audits, proposed sustainability changes, research into campus sustainability practices, assessment and adaptation.

GEARS Emerges from EMAD Designing for Social Good – Conor McGarrigle

  • The Design for Social Good class in the Emergent Digital Practices department, taught by Connor McGarrigle worked with the Center for Sustainability to create GEARS, an online and augmented reality route finding tool that shows video of bicycle routes across Denver.
Green Certifications

The Center for Sustainability offers a variety of Certification programs to promote and reward sustainable practices across campus. For more information, visit the Certifications page.