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Carbon Offsets

Why offset?

Study abroad is an integral part of DU's culture, enhances academics, and provides a life-changing experience. Other university-sponsored travel for athletics, academic conferences, and recruiting also helps the university grow and thrive. But study abroad flights alone account for around 8% of DU's total emissions. Rather than cut back on travel or wait for more fuel-efficient planes, we're going to offset those carbon emissions in order to meet DU's goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

What is an offset?

Basically, an offset is a way to counteract the impact of carbon emissions. We look to offsets when reducing our consumption and changing our habits aren't enough.

And by the way, when we say tons of CO2, we mean it. CO2 is a gas, and it has a mass. In fact, through chemical processes, when you burn one ton of gasoline, it produces more than one ton of CO2. Or think of it this way: burning one gallon of gas releases 22 pounds of CO2!

How do we purchase offsets?*

*Live links to our funds will be coming soon. Then you will be able to donate to the offset of your choice directly through this web page.

We've created a portfolio of offset options. Your time and money is precious, so we want you to know that you make a difference locally and globally when you choose to offset your flight. 

We recommend a donation of $10 to cover the emissions from your domestic round-trip flight and $15 for an international trip.

Third Party Certified options:

  • Renewable energy credits
    • Support new or additional energy projects
  • Colorado Carbon Fund
    • Fund projects that improve air quality in Colorado
  • CO2 Forestry
    • Contribute to the work of a local company preserving Brazilian rainforests

Non-certified projects supporting DU campus, community, and students

  • Campus energy retrofits
    • Contribute to the Energy Reserve Fund and know that your offset will make a difference here on campus
  • Campus solar
    • Vote for solar energy at DU with your dollars
  • DU Renter Efficiency for Students (REPS)
    • A new project that provides energy retrofits in students' rental units around campus- run for and by students
  • Plant a tree
    • Sequester carbon on campus and help our Arboretum and gardens grow

Volunteering Options

  • Check back this fall for a complete list of partner organizations dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.
  • In the past, the DU Study Abroad Office has worked with the Park People in Denver, and students helped plant trees in neighborhood yards and parks.

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