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Zero Waste Hockey Games

What does Zero Waste mean?

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Zero waste is defined by the EPA as reaching a minimum of 90% diversion rate. This means that 90% of all materials being disposed of must either be recycled or composted.


What's the Goal for the Season?

Our goal is to divert an average of 75% of this season's game waste away from the landfill to recycling or composting.

What Are Zero Waste Hockey Games?

Ritchie Center Athletics, in partnership with a variety of student groups across campus, is leading the charge to institute zero waste games at the University of Denver. We define zero waste as a proactive effort to redesign the way in which we purchase, process, and dispose of materials associated with an event or operation. The overarching goals of zero waste are to minimize waste generation and to maximize diversion from the landfill through smart and efficient collection of reusable, recyclable, and compostable materials. DU Zero Waste Hockey Games are a product of interdepartmental collaboration: the effort brings together representatives from Denver Athletics, Custodial, Sodexo, students, and other sustainability partners to aspire to a goal of a 90% diversion rate. Zero Waste Hockey relies on volunteer zero waste "Goalies" to minimize contamination in the waste streams.

Join Our Team

Zero Waste Goalies in action!

Zero Waste Goalies help fans correctly dispose of their waste in the proper receptacles in order to divert as much waste from the landfill as possible. The initiative is completely led by volunteers made up of students, staff, and faculty across campus. If you want to show your true Pioneer Pride, get involved and volunteer for this historic university movement.

Zero waste volunteers will:

  • get to watch the hockey game for free
  • be paired with a zero waste buddy for the event
  • receive a $9 meal voucher to eat at the event
  • wear a DU zero waste Goalie t-shirt to help fans recognize you as a zero waste goalie

*If you volunteer for 3 zero waste games you will get to keep your t-shirt as a thank you from the DU zero waste effort.

Sponsor a zero waste hockey game by having 30 members of your organization sign up to volunteer at the game and you will also get:

  • time on the Magness Arena big screen to advertise for your organization
  • to keep your zero waste t-shirts

Last Season's Diversion Rates

Zero Waste Diversion Rates