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Course Recordings on Blackboard

Most Graduate Tax Program classes are recorded using Mediasite, a lecture capture system that records the classroom audio and video of the professor, and directly records any computer presention in real time. Recordings are available to the students enrolled in the class to use for review, accessible via the Internet through the University of Denver's Blackboard e-Education platform.

Sample Recordings

These 3-4 minute excerpts are from regular classes recorded in April 2010, reproduced here as WMV files. (You will need software that plays WMV files, such as Microsoft's free Windows Media Player, to view these videos.) The active playback controls are at the bottom of the video window. The actual recordings that students use appear larger on the computer screen and have additional playback features not reproducible here.

Professor Vogel explains how to use Revenue Procedure 2007-62 to help a client who needs to file a late S corporation election. He uses a tablet PC to add handwritten notes to the projected PowerPoint slides and to work out problems discussed in class.

What will happen to you if you miss the April 15 deadline? Professor Logemann and students in Civil & Criminal Tax Procedure review one of a series of problems concerning the rules for timely filing of a tax return and timely claims for refund.

In Corporate Taxation II, Professor Gelt diagrams an introductory problem concerning a corporate reorganization, referencing Internal Revenue Code section 368(a)(1)(C). The whiteboard can be read on the video because of the high quality of the camera.

Click here if you prefer to view these videos as MP4 files.

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