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About Transportation Institute

Mission and History

The mission of the University of Denver Transportation Institute (DTI) is to create a distinguished network of freight and passenger transportation leaders - through education, research, and outreach - who can successfully integrate the transportation modes to develop sustainable logistics solutions that produce both customer-focused supply chains and market-responsive passenger transportation.

History and Background of the
Transportation Institute at the University of Denver
and the
Master’s Degree in Transportation Management


  • Fall 1996 – Intermodal Transportation Institute Created
  • October 1997 – North American Intermodal Transportation Summit:
    • At University of  Denver
    • Secretaries of Transportation – Canada, USA, Mexico
  • July 1999 – Intermodal Founding Fathers of North America Conference
  • August 1999 – First Master’s Cohort – Full Year Residency
  • October 2002 – First Modular, Six-Quarter Master’s Cohort
  • October 2014 – Intermodal Transportation Institute Board Recommends Changing Institute Name and Degree to: 
    • Transportation Institute at the University of Denver
    • Masters of Science in Transportation Management
  • February 2015 – Institute Becomes “Transportation Institute at the University of Denver”
  • Spring 2015 – Approval for Degree Name Change to “Master’s Degree in Transportation Management”
  • October 2015 – Cohort 14 Will Enter the Master’s Program