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Ben Hackett

Ben Hackett

Hackett Associates, LLC

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Ben Hackett runs his own consulting business, Hackett Associates LLC, working
with container shipping lines, terminal operators, port authorities, trade associations, national governments, and international institutions. Hackett has over 30 years of experience in the maritime and transportation industry, ranging from business development, economic analysis, marketing and management. He advises on strategy issues, long term planning and forecasting. Hackett is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He writes a monthly column for PortStrategy (The Economist), as well as contributing to Containerisation International. In January 2010 he developed the Global Port Tracker: North America Trade Outlook. In October 2010 he launched the North Europe Global Port Tracker, jointly with ISL, Bremen, part of the University of Bremen. Hackett has served as executive managing director, International Consulting, with IHS Global Insight, Inc. He is active in the fields of strategic planning, policy assessment, marketing, port infrastructure, logistics issues and economic development studies, including carrying out economic impact assessments to provide investors with the ability to negotiate terms with national and local entities.