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Brooks A. Bentz

Brooks Bentz

President, Consulting Services

DTI Faculty, DTI Board Member


Brooks A. Bentz is managing director with Accenture LLP. Throughout his extensive
career in intermodal transportation, he has held the posts of chief executive officer of Trans-Star Trucking, assistant vice president of intermodal at Burlington Northern
Railroad, president of Ameritrans Corporation, general manager for intermodal for
Boston & Maine, and vice president and general manager of BMX, B&M's motor
carrier subsidiary. He specializes in transportation strategy and operations, shipper/carrier and private fleet management, and transportation procurement. Bentz is also past president of the National Railroad Intermodal Association and a former member of the AAR's Intermodal Steering Committee. His accomplishments include conceiving and developing the strategy and conceptual design for the domestic container business at Burlington Northern, BN America, and developing a just-in-time intermodal distribution system for a major retailer. Bentz has a BA in US history and economics and a MBA in transportation from the University of Connecticut.