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Chris Norek

Chris Norek

Senior Partner
Chain Connectors, Inc.

DTI Faculty


Chris Norek, PhD, has over 20 years of supply chain and logistics experience in
industry, consulting and academia across several industries. He currently runs a
small consultancy, Chain Connectors, and has consulted for both CSC (Computer
Sciences Corporation - formerly Cleveland Consulting Associates) and Accenture
(formerly Andersen Consulting). He is currently also a senior instructor in Penn
State's Supply Chain Programs and spent three years as a professor of logistics and
transportation, one year on the faculty of Auburn University and two years on the
faculty of the University of Tennessee. In addition, he has worked for Kimberly-Clark
Corporation as an area planner, Apple Computer as a worldwide materials planning
analyst, and Office Depot as an internal logistics consultant.
He has published in Supply Chain Management Review, LQ (formerly Logistics
Quarterly), DC Velocity, Journal of Business Logistics, International Journal of
Logistics Management, and Supply and Demand Chain Executive. Norek is a
contributing editor to LQ, a Canadian based publication, as well as a member of the
Advisory Board for both LQ and DC Velocity. He is on the advisory board to Auburn
University's supply chain program. He also taught supply chain management to
Accenture personnel including continued extensive development of online supply
chain course training materials. Norek is the First Vice President for NASSTRAC
(National Strategic Shippers Transportation Council).
Norek has his BS in Business Logistics from Pennsylvania State University, an MBA with a concentration in logistics and transportation from the University of Tennessee, and an MABA and PhD in logistics and transportation from The Ohio State University.