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Emilio Sacristán Roy

Emilio Sactistan Roy



DTI Faculty, DTI Board Member


Emilio Sacristán Roy was formerly the director general of Alstom Transporte S.A. de
C.V. Prior to that, he was the restructuring vice president of the Ferrocarriles
Nacionales de México (FNM), involved in overseeing the privatization efforts of the
Mexican railroad. Sacristán has served in numerous positions in transportation
related fields. Most recently, he was the vice president of airports.
Sacristán holds academic positions as professor of macroeconomics at the National
University of Mexico since 1963 and as professor of finance at the National Institute
of Public Administration since 1988. He has published widely on economic issues
relating to México and Latin America. He is a numbered member of the Academia
Mexicana de Economía Política since 1991 and of Del Instituto Nacionál de
Administración Pública since 1993.
A graduate of Harvard University, Sacristán has an MA in economics from Columbia