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Transportation Institute

faculty and board


The Transportation Institute is home to world-class faculty representing the various sectors of transportation, supply-chain management, and logistics. A mix of faculty and industry executives, the leaders balance valuable academic expertise with crucial industry experience. For students pursuing a Master of Science in Transportation Management, an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on industry insights and best practices will keep them competitive within the global marketplace. Classroom instruction is led by both University of Denver faculty and industry executives, ensuring a rigorous experience that is both practical and inspiring for those seeking executive education in transportation management, supply-chain management, and logistics. Degree-seekers will benefit from learning with the following faculty, executive leaders, and industry experts.

Faculty, Executive Leaders, and Industry Experts

 Mark Andrews Brooks Bentz missing pic David Coburn
 Mark Andrews Brooks A. Bentz John H. Broadley David H. Coburn
Willima J. DeWitt III RJ Graham Ben Hackett Gary Kochenberger
William J. DeWitt, III RJ Graham Ben Hackett Gary A. Kochenberger
 Craig Lentzsch Michael Meyer  Chris Norek Tom Obremski
Craig R. Lentzsch Michael D. Meyer Chris Norek Thomas E. Obremski
 Pallab Paul Roy Pearson Emilio Sacristán Roy  
Pallab Paul Roy J. Pearson Emilio Sacristán Roy