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Thomas Obremski

Tom Obremski

Emeritus Associate Professor
Department of Statistics and Operations Technology
Daniels College of Business
University of Denver

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Thomas E. Obremski, PhD, is professor emeritus in the Department of Statistics
and Operations Technology at the University of Denver. From 1990 to 1993 he was
the associate dean for Undergraduate Studies at the University of Denver, College of
Business. Prior to his experience at the University of Denver, he taught at The Ohio
State University and Michigan State University.
Obremski received the University of Denver Pioneer Award, the MBA Core Diamond
Teaching Awards, the Daniels Outstanding Achievement Award, the Chancellor's
Dinner Outstanding University Faculty, and the Distinguished Service Award in the
Women's College where he served as acting director.
In addition to his numerous awards, Obremski has refereed articles for more than
fifteen journals and reviewed books for several journals. His published works include
Quantifying and Individualizing Hair Source: An Application of Computer Assisted
Syntax-Directed Pattern Recognition, Exploring Probability, and Mathematical
Modeling and Optimizing Methods for Managers and Social Scientists . Among recent publications are The Impact of a 10% Ethanol B lended Fuel on the Exhaust E missions of Tier 0 and Tier 1 Light Duty Gasoline Vehicles at 35 Degrees F , and Identifying At-Risk Drivers for the American Armed Forces.