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Intermodal Transportation Institute

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On Campus Requirement

Students pursuing a transportation management degree will have the opportunity to develop and enhance their understanding of business-related disciplines within the context of today’s transportation, supply-chain management, and logistics. Degree-seekers will attend five, week-long residency sessions over five consecutive quarters at the University of Denver. The Intermodal Transportation Institute schedules each residency to begin at 8:00 a.m. on a Monday and end by noon on a Saturday.

During the sixth quarter, students will attend a week-long travel seminar to an international location with significant intermodal transportation activity. This travel seminar usually takes place in late March or early April, depending on the location. Dates will be decided during the summer residency.

Students will progress through the program as a cohort—a core group of students taking the same classes together throughout the degree program. New cohorts start every fall.

Time Commitment

Students in the Intermodal Transportation Institute Executive Master’s program will need to commit to five ongoing week-long residency sessions over five consecutive quarters, and a week-long travel seminar during the sixth quarter.


Residency Accommodation

Students stay as a group at a local hotel during the residency sessions. Reservations are made by the Intermodal Transportation Institute office and the cost of each student’s hotel stay (Sunday through Friday) is included in the program cost.