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Transportation Institute

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Who Is the Transportation Institute Student?

The list of transportation job titles and duties is as long as it is varied. As a leader in executive education for transportation professionals, the Transportation Institute at the University of Denver attracts a wide range of students with professional experience working in transportation. Degree-seekers will be surrounded by like-minded peers with practical experience related to intermodal transportation, logistics, and supply-chain management. The degree program provides robust discussions among peers, and the on campus residency sessions provide an opportunity for students to come together and learn from one another.

Current transportation students come into the executive education program with job titles such as Director of Operations, Equipment Manager, General Manager, Marketing Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, Supply Chain Department Manager, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, and Senior Transportation Manager.

Other titles of transportation students include:


  • Senior Account Manager
  • Senior Consultant
  • Senior Director
  • Senior Manager Operations
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President - Business Development
  • Vice President - National Accounts
  • Vice President - Petroleum & Chemicals
  • Vice President - Rail Commercial


  • Commercial Director
  • Director - Information Technology
  • Director - Domestic Transportation
  • Director - Container Operations
  • Director - Intermodal Operations
  • Director - Marketing
  • Director - Real Estate
  • Director - Logistics
  • Director - Customer Service


  • District Manager
  • Engagement Manager
  • Equipment Manager
  • Group Manager - International Market
  • Group Manager - National
  • Hub Manager
  • National Operations Manager
  • Resource and Planning Manager
  • Terminal Operations Manager
  • Supply Chain Department Manager


  • Associate Transportation Planner
  • Chief Mechanical Officer
  • Assistant Vice President - Intermodal Operations 
  • Marine Transportation Specialist
  • Operations Manager - International
  • Road Foreman of Engines
  • Terminal Superintendent