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Partner and Industry Links


The Transportation Institute is proud to partner with the National Center for Intermodal Transportation for Economic Competitiveness (NCITEC) on special projects such as ITI's white paper program, educational programming, conferences and workshops, and scholarship funds. 

NCITEC operates independently of the Transportation Institute and is funded through the USDOT federal grant funds as part of its University Transportation Centers (UTC) program; a consortium of multiple universities that focus on research, education, and technology transfer in the age of intermodal transportation.

Industry Links

There are several large databases and search engines that are available for transportation resources and intermodal research.

Please utilize the search engines provided below to find past and current intermodal research in transportation.

TRB Links

Click here to a search engine for current and past research within the transportation industry
Click here to search by transportation mode
Click here for university research

ICC and US Railway Collections, DU's Penrose Library Link

Click here to access the Penrose Library website to search for selections from the ICC and US Railway Collections

Maps in the Public Domain

Click here to view the 3PL Location of North American Headquarters map - EyeforTransport

The following transportation resources and government links are provided to assist in intermodal research:

Click here to access the transportation research.
Click here for data, statistics, and reports by mode and by subject as well as additional links to other modal websites