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TSS Group

Meet the Group

Our program of community-engaged research incorporates multiple voices (e.g., student researchers; youth and adult participants; university and community partners) and perspectives (e.g., research, policy, practice). We are pleased to introduce you to some of the people who make our work possible here. 

Our Group


Anne DePrince

Director, TSS Group
Phone: 303-871-2939

Anne is a Professor and Chair in the Psychology Department at the University of Denver where she contributes to the Child Clinical and Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (DCN) Programs. In a program of community-engaged research that addresses the pressing problem of violence and abuse, she incorporates multiple voices (e.g., student researchers; youth and adult participants; university and community partners), methodologies (e.g., laboratory tasks, clinical interviews, surveys, interventions) and perspectives (e.g., research, policy, and practice). Her research focuses on how individual characteristics as well as interpersonal, community, and spatial contexts relate to violence/abuse exposure as well as clinical symptoms and interventions. The co-editor of three volumes on trauma and violence, her research has been recognized in terms of federal funding as well as local and national awards. She completed her doctoral training at the University of Oregon and clinical internship at the University of Washington School of Medicine. A licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado, she also directs the University of Denver's Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL). 

Anne's vita is available here.


Becca Babcock

6th Year Graduate Student (Child Clinical, DCN Programs), on internship


Becca's research interests focus on the impact of child abuse on interpersonal relationships, cognitive appraisal processes, and mental health. For her dissertation she is investigating links between trauma-related cognitions, mother-toddler relationship quality, and the intergenerational transmission of trauma-related distress.


Kerry Gagnon

4th Year Graduate Student (Child Clinical, DCN Programs)

Kerry's research focuses on trauma, particularly child maltreatment, and the impact of traumatic experiences on development and functioning. She is further interested in understanding the risks associated with revictimization and the benefits of early intervention.


Michelle Lee

3rd Year Graduate Student (Child Clinical, DCN Programs)

Michelle's research interests include the cognitive and developmental effects of interpersonal violence, particularly witnessing domestic violence in childhood. She received a BA in Psychology from New York University and has worked in psychological research at NYU and the University of Texas and as an advocate at a domestic violence shelter in Austin, Texas.



Julie Olomi

1st Year Graduate Student (Child Clinical, DCN Programs)

Julie’s research interests include understanding the effects of trauma on cognitive, social-emotional, and behavioral development; particularly, the long term effects of childhood maltreatment and subsequent risks for youth revictimization. She graduated with a BA in psychology from UC Davis, and has worked as a research assistant examining the adverse effects of childhood maltreatment, as well as a counselor for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.


Tejas Srinivas

5th Year Graduate Student (Child Clinical, DCN Programs)

Tejas graduated from Yale University in 2007 with a BA in Political Science and Philosophy. Her research focuses on the psychosocial consequences of interpersonal violence within an ecological framework, as well as processes of ethnocultural coping and meaning-making following political violence.


Research Assistants:

Research Collaborators

We collaborate with other researchers locally, nationally, and internationally.  

Community Partners

We partner with a host of agencies locally, including (but not limited to): 

  • Denver City Attorney's Office
  • Denver District Attorney's Office
  • Denver Domestic Violence Triage Review Team
  • Denver Police Department, Victim Assistance Unit
  • Rape Assistance and Awareness Program (RAAP)
  • Sexual Assault Interagency Council (SAIC)
  • Victim Services Network


We are proud of and grateful to the PhD and Honors Students who have left their mark on our group.



  • Ann Chu, Ph.D., Associate Program Director, A Better Way
  • Melody Combs, Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Department of Radiology, University of Colorado Denver and the Children’s Hospital 
  • Claire Hebenstreit, Ph.D., Advanced Postdoctoral Fellow in Women's Health, San Francisco VA Medical Center. Clinical Instructor, University of California San Francisco
  • Ryan Matlow, Ph.D., 'Director of Research Programs, Stanford Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford University
  • Rheena Pineda, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow,UC Davis Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Sacramento County Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service
  • Jackie Rea, Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Neurobehavioral Associates
  • Aimee Reichmann-Decker, Ph.D., Lecturer, Psychology Department, University of Denver
  • Lindsay Smart, Ph.D.
  • Jane Sundermann, MA
  • Kristin Weinzierl, Ph.D., Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services, British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • Courtney Welton-Mitchell, Director, Human Assistance Applied Research Group (HAARG), Humanitarian Assistance Program, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver.
  • Pallavi Visvanathan, Ph.D., Omni Institute

Honors Students:

  • Amber Morse (Honors Student, 2012-2013)
  • Courtney Kerivan (Honors Student, 2011-2012)
  • Jenna Lindsay-Brisbin (Honors Student, 2010-2011)
  • Ana Britton (Honors Student, 2008-2009)
  • Amy Chianese (Honors Student, 2006-2007)
  • Ryann Peyton (Honors Student, 2003-2004)



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