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TSS Group

News and Announcements

The TSS Group is committed to building and maintaining partnerships with community and system agencies. We know that good communication is key to successful partnerships. Thus, our quarterly newsletters are designed to share study progress and new research findings with our partners. Please check this page regularly for announcements and newsletters.


Anne DePrince and Ann Chu are editors for the APA Books Series "Interventions that Work". The first book in this series, "Treating PTSD with Cognitive Behavioral Therapies," was released April 2014. Click here for more information.

Denver Post (February 2014). Mention of the Women's Health Project in the Denver Post. 

HARP Findings (Fall 2013). A summary of the primary findings from the Health Adolescent Relationships Project are now available. Thank you to the adolescents and community partners who made this project possible.   

NewsLetter: Current Issue

Spring 2014.  In this issue, you'll find updates on our research and other resources, including:

  • getting the word out about the Women's Health Project;
  • data collection completed for the Partnering to Access Legal Services (PALS) Project;
  • preliminary findings from the Denver Justice Project;
  • perspectives on participating in the Women's Health Project;
  • and more!

NewsLetter: Past Issues











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