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University Planning Advisory Council (UPAC)



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Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals

Interim Progress Report - 2005

Progress Report Appendix - 2005

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    Fall 2007

The UPAC Coordinating Council worked with the Mission and Goals Task Force to draft a revised Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals statement.  This draft was circulated for ratification among many community groups, including the Deans' Council, Council of Administrators, Faculty Senate, and Staff Advisory Council. Once these groups gave their approval, the Board of Trustees endorsed the revised statement, found here.

Fall 2006

The University of Denver has profited greatly from the work of the University Planning Advisory Council (UPAC).  Over the years, since its creation in June 2001, UPAC has been instrumental in creating and monitoring the university‚Äôs Statement of Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals.  This statement has been used as a guide for the creation and development of programs, distribution of resources, and monitoring of the activity and achievement for individual colleges, schools, and divisions of the university.  In addition, UPAC has reviewed from time to time its own role as a planning entity through a steering committee.  Partly through its normal review process, but also in response to a request from the Board of Trustees for a more robust approach to planning, the steering committee now recommends a renewed and restructured UPAC with a broader scope of activities and responsibilities.  See new charge here.

Summer 2001

On June 8, 2001, following a campus-wide effort led by the University Planning Advisory Council, the Board of Trustees endorsed new Vision, Values, Mission and Goals statements.  By the beginning of the 2002 fall term, Task Forces were formed for each of the eleven stated goals.  These groups reviewed campus activities in each goal area and developed recommendations for future activities and possible funding sources.  These recommendations were shared with members of the senior administration and other groups on campus and were considered as centralized and unit-level planning moved forward.  Many of these recommendations were implemented and a number of unanticipated activities occurred in the intervening years and UPAC is now presenting an interim report, appended with a long list of campus activities, as of January, 2005.

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