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University Planning Advisory Council (UPAC)


Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals

June 21, 2001

The Board of Trustees endorsed the following Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals statement June 8, 2001.

If you would like to print a copy of the Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals statements, please click here.

We appreciate the time and effort of all who participated in crafting these statements. Comments and suggestions submitted by DU community members were invaluable.
Thank you.

Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals
JUNE 2001

The University of Denver, an independent university in the Rocky Mountain West, ranks among premier institutions of higher learning. Located in a dynamic, cosmopolitan city close to pristine mountain wilderness, the University is distinguished by its creative combination of liberal arts and professional programs, selectively focused graduate studies, and associated schools and centers. The University's students are bright, diverse, and dedicated to learning. Graduates are leaders, scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, and public servants who are uniquely prepared to live in and shape a global society.

The University of Denver will be a great private university dedicated to the public good. Our students will enjoy an extraordinary education. Our search for knowledge will be daring. Our community will be diverse and dynamic.

As an educational and research community, we value curiosity, intellectual freedom, open communication, creativity, and rigor. We respect individual differences and embrace civil discourse. We promote ethical behavior, integrity, caring, and close individual attention. Our campus life is distinguished by inclusiveness, collaboration, involvement, responsiveness, and accountability.

The mission of the University of Denver is to promote learning by engaging students, advancing scholarly inquiry, cultivating critical thought, and creating knowledge. We empower the lives and futures of students by fostering productive synergies between intellectual and personal development, research and teaching, disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, classroom and experience-based learning, and theoretical knowledge and professional practice. Our engagement with diverse local and global communities contributes to the common good.

The University fulfills its mission by achieving specific goals that affect learning, scholarship, campus community, public good, ethics, enrollment, ethnic diversity, globalization, technology, athletics, and sustainability.

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