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Urban Studies Courses 2013-2014

Note that this schedule is subject to change.

Please contact the respective departments and/or the Registrar's Schedule of Classes for complete details about these courses. Some have pre-requisites. Courses not listed here may qualify for credit toward the minor. Please contact the Program Director if you find something in the course schedule that you believe fits the curriculum.

Winter 2014

GEOG 3420 1 Urban and Regional Planning Lecture 06-JAN-14 to 16-MAR-14 12:00PM-1:50PM T,R 4 BW 124 Goetz, Andrew R.

HIST 1110 1 Ancient Rome Lecture 06-JAN-14 to 16-MAR-14 12:00PM-1:50PM T,R 4 Rockwell, Nicholas R.

SOCI 2190 1 American Communities Lecture 06-JAN-14 to 16-MAR-14 10:00AM-11:50AM M,W 4 Rosenbaum, Michael S. 30 0
PREREQ: SOCI 1810 or permission of instructor

Spring 2014

GEOG 3425 1 Urban Sustainability Lecture 24-MAR-2014 to 05-JUN-2014 2:00PM-3:50PM T,R 4 OLIN 142 Boschmann, Eric

HIST 3100 1 Cities & Society in Latin America Lecture 24-MAR-14 to 05-JUN-14 2:00PM-3:50PM T,R 4 Rossotto Ioris, Rafael

SOCI 2140 1 Urban Sociology Lecture 24-MAR-14 to 05-JUN-14 8:00AM-9:50AM T,R 4 Rosenbaum, Michael S.

Other courses suitable for the minor will be considered by appeal to the Program Director (Dean Saitta)


Course-Related Resources in Urban Denver

There are numerous resources that students can consult to complement course work in the urban studies minor. The organizations listed to the right are all involved in addressing the challenges and opportunities of urban environments.

The urban studies faculty encourage students to pass along for posting additional websites and other resources that they have found particularly informative and useful.

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