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urban studies

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Are you interested in the history of American cities, their contemporary problems and challenges, and their future?

If so, the Urban Studies minor is for you!

Why Urban Studies?

Today--and for the first time in human history--most people on the planet live in cities. DU's Urban Studies Minor offers a broad, multidisciplinary introduction to the urban environment. Students learn about the history of urban society in the USA and the consequences of public policy pertaining to urban planning, transportation, housing, education, growth management, and economic development. Courses approved for the minor address the social life and cultures of urban living. They deal with the city as a locus of excitement and stimulation as well as danger and despair. They look at the future of the American city and inquire into its social, economic, and environmental sustainability. In short, the minor broadly educates students about a place where most of us will spend the rest of our lives. 

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