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What is the Urban Studies Minor?

The Urban Studies Minor offers multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives on the study of urban life. Students choose from courses in Anthropology, Communication Studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology, and other relevant disciplines. This course work will help shape students' intellectual understanding of cities and generate new questions and directions in the study of urban life. Students will have a diverse array of opportunities to think and learn about cities in an informed and integrative way.

Who Should Enroll in the Urban Studies Minor?

Anyone who is interested in urban life and issues, regardless of your major.

What are the Requirements for the Urban Studies Minor?

The minimum number of credits for the minor is 24. Students take one course in six of the eight disciplines participating in the major. Consult the "Courses" page for descriptions of some of these courses. Courses having an urban focus in other departments and programs (for example, an Advanced Seminar in the Common Curriculum, or a course in the Pioneer Leadership program) may also be taken for credit toward the minor, pending approval by the Urban Studies Director.