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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Center

Partners in Scholarship Application

Deadlines 2014-2015

  • September 17
  • October 8
  • January 28
  • March 4


PinS provides a unique opportunity for you to collaborate on a project with a faculty member. In order to complete the application, work with your faculty partner and develop a detailed plan for your project. The PINS Committee reviews applications and awards funds to deserving projects.

While most partnerships involve one-to-one work with a faculty member, you can choose to work with faculty from more than one discipline or with several students. In the event of a multiple student project, each student must submit an application stating his/her personal contribution to the project and is eligible to receive $1500.

The PINS application is no longer tied to the academic quarter. This means you may apply at any deadline, submitting your own timeline. All projects must be finished by June 1st of the academic year. For example, you could apply during the September 19th deadline for a proposed project from November 2013 until February 2014.

URC cannot fund tuition, internships, Service Learning, classes, lessons, or travel related directly or indirectly to any of the aforementioned.

Your application should include:

  1. a description of your project including hypothesis and methodology
  2. your background and preparation to complete the project
  3. an explanation of why the project has scholarly value
  4. A detailed timeline of your research
  5. a detailed budget outlining all the expenses for which you seek funding
  6. a letter of endorsement from your faculty partner
  7. a current unofficial transcript (from myweb/webcentral)

Application FAQs

Two page description example #1- Social Science

Two page description example #2- Arts & Humanities

Two page description example #3- Visual Arts

Reimbursement FAQs

Check list

  • Is the application filled out completely, including Project title, budget amount requested, contact information?
  • Is your proposal easily understood by those outside of your discipline?
  • Is your description 2 pages long?
  • Do you have a timeline?
  • Do you have a budget including a rationale? Have you and your faculty partner discussed how you will be purchasing your materials?
  • Is your unofficial transcript from webcentral/myweb attached and readable?
  • Are you working with Human Subjects? Do you need IRB approval? (Contact IRB to verify) Are you working with animals? Do you need IACUC approval? (Contact IACUC to verify)
  • Is all the information (application form, proposal, budget, unofficial transcript) contained in ONE Word document? Faculty letters do not apply as they can be sent in separately.
  • Please include the application and all of the above in a single Word or pdf. document and email it to

Does your proposed project involve human subjects?

If your project involves human subjects (this includes surveys, interviews, observation of public behavior, etc.) you must complete and submit an "Application to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects" form. Complete the IRB form in consultation with your faculty partner and submit it to the IRB. IRB approval can take time. If your project is selected for PINS, you will not be able to start your project until you receive IRB approval. IRB applications and information about the IRB application process at

 Does your proposal involve animals?

If you are working with animals, you must receive IACUC approval. The application can be found at If your project is selected for PINS, PINS funding will be contingent on IACUC approval.