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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Center

Summer Research Grants

DEADLINE: March 25, 2015 11:59pm.

Late applications will NOT be accepted!


The Undergraduate Research Center administers a summer program for current undergraduate students. 

The Summer Research Grants are intended to stimulate student/faculty collaborative projects.

  • Students may request up to $3,500.  The budget may include a student stipend in addition to project expendables.
  • Student stipends, if requested, will be paid on a monthly basis and are taxed. When requesting a stipend, students must factor in an 8% fringe rate. The student will need to submit an I-9, required paperwork proving ability to work in the United States, and a W-4.
  • The duration of the project can vary in length based on the nature of the project, but can be no longer than 10 weeks.
  • The Summer Research Program cannot fund service learning programs, tuition, DU courses (direct or indirect), or lessons.
  • Proposals should be jointly submitted by the student and the faculty member.

Please note-Graduating Seniors are not eligible to apply for a Summer grant.

While most partnerships involve one-to-one work with a faculty member, students can choose to work with faculty from more than one discipline. In the event of a multiple student project, each student must submit an application stating his/her personal contribution to the project and is eligible to receive $3,500.