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Undergraduate Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government

About Us

2013-2014 Officers


President, Mike Schutte
Vice President, Katrina Yoshida
President Pro Tempore, Josh Wehe
Chair of DUPB, Kylee Swiggart
Chair of Communications, Cameron Hickert
Secretary of Recreation, Jordanne Kniss
Secretary of Intercollegiate Athletics, Elena Breed
Secretary of Greek Affairs, Jen Usery
Secretary of Inclusive Excellence, Angela Ianniello 
Secretary of Traditions, Matt Ranta
Secretary of Internationalization, Gaia Corno
Secretary of Community Partnerships Arimus Wells



AHUM Senator, Josh Wehe
DCB Senator, Melissa Sim
DCB Senator, Josh Todtfeld
NSME Senator, Dan Powell
Performing Arts Senator, Michael Moran
HRTM Senator, Alejandro Garcia
JKSIS Senator, Aly Higgins
SECS Senator, Ali Everitt
SOCS Senator, Ashlee Shaw-Gonzales
On-Campus Senator, Jeffrey Mariano
On-Campus Senator, Kaitlyn Griffth
Off-Campus Senator, Parya Mahmoudi
Off-Campus Senator, Daniel Mason
Senior Senator, Bri Akakpo
Senior Senator, Erik Meek
Junior Senator, Adam Hammerman
Junior Senator, Shelby Lee
Sophomore Senator, Jess Davidson
Sophomore Senator, Logan Bohlender
First-Year Senator, Mark McCarthy
First-Year Senator, Rory Moore


Chair : Parya Mahmoudi and Josh Wehe

Chair : Alejandro Garcia

Chair : Melissa Sim and Jeffrey Mariano

The Finance Committee is the main source of funding for all student organizations on the DU Campus.  We work closely with the SOC to determine fundable organizations. It is very important that all information regarding finance is turned in on time by the scheduled date. 

Chair : TBA

The Senate Affairs Committee handles Internal Senate concerns by maintaining and upholding the proceedings of USG . The most important time for the Senate Affairs Committee, SAC, is during elections. The SAC holds and runs the election process from getting candidates to campaigning to the election itself and integrating the new Senators into Senate.

Chair : Melissa Sim

P.O.S.T (Pioneer Org Support Team) on Orgsync has various How-To documents for student orgs.

Chair : Dan Powell

The mission of the University of Denver USG Sustainability Committee is to promote and enhance student initiatives that further the ecological sustainability of the University of Denver, focusing on the needs and impacts of the Undergraduate student body. The Committee encourages the participation of all undergraduate students in the process of developing and implementing programs and initiatives on campus, as well as work in collaboration with the Provostʼs Sustainability Council. The Committee further works to educate the University of Denver community at large about sustainable living and foster an milieu where inherent value is placed on the environment. You are welcome to join our meetings as a visiting student or come to us with concerns, we meet on Wednesday's at 7 or 8 in Center.