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UTS 2015 Annual Report


UTS 2015 Annual Report

Service and Partnership with an Eye Toward the Future

Download PDF of the 2014 UTS Annual Report

University Technology Services (UTS) is pleased to present the University with a report detailing many of the projects and initiatives completed or underway in 2015. Three strategic themes guide the use of information technology (IT) in support of the University’s mission. This annual report describes these strategic themes and identifies the alignment of 2015 initiatives and projects within each, and draws connections to the Impact 2025 DU strategic plan.

UTS relies on the following strategic principles to steer the direction of technology for the institution:

  • Services to Enable Success - Champion, deliver, and support services that provide students with what they need for success, and faculty members with what they need to advance knowledge. This aligns with the first two key transformative directions outlined in Impact 2025.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration - Expand the value proposition of technology services across the institution through strategic partnerships and collaboration. These programs and initiatives reach out across the university to foster collaborative innovation, and leverage effort, supporting DU’s capacity to lead to solve problems through engagement. This key theme of engagement aligns with the context of Global Denver in Impact 2025.
  • Scale for the Future - Develop and enhance sustainable campus infrastructure and services that scale and adapt to the continual changing needs of our holistic community. We strive to eliminate impediments, streamline effort, and enable staff, facilities, and information infrastructure to support One DU, as articulated in Impact 2025.

Strategic Overview

UTS Services

Nearly every technology initiative undertaken in UTS aligns with multiple strategic themes, and in many instances supports all three of these, and of course, as a central technology resource for the entire campus, supports One DU. For example, the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Collaboration Suite as a campus communications and collaboration tool delivers a service that enables constituents be more successful, offers a platform to foster collaboration and partnership, and scales for the future in providing global accessibility and cost effectiveness. Further, nearly every initiative happens through collaboration and engagement between UTS and another DU unit or partner.

Key to ensuring that UTS is informed by campus and unit strategies is IT governance. While a governance model was designed in 2012, it is time to take a new look at the way key decisions are made, timelines established, and priorities determined, all in collaboration with campus stakeholders.

UTS looks forward to continuing to improve the campus technologies, services, and experience for our students, faculty members, staff, and extended community members. We are happy to say that University Technology Services has always been in support of One DU, of student success and creation of knowledge, and helps the University as a whole connect with the world through seamless and secure information flow. We appreciate your support and commitment to working with us throughout the next year and years to come.

Services to Enable Success  

Services for Student Success
Technologies to Advance Knowledge
Connect Resources

Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration  

Foster Collaborative Engagement
Demonstrate Impact
Impacting Global Denver

Scaling for the Future  

Provide Sustainable Infrastructure
Eliminate Impediments
Advance a Culture of Measurement


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