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UTS 2014 Annual Report

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UTS 2014 Annual Report

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Continue to expand the value proposition of technology services across the institution as a key foundational asset through strategic partnerships and collaboration.

In many ways, technology sits front and center in the realm of higher education.  It is embedded in nearly every business process of the institution.   Establishing and fostering partnerships and collaboration with departments and divisions on campus to expand the value proposition of technology is essential for the institution to remain competitive in higher education.

Facilitate a Culture of Measurement

The University is well-positioned for better decision making using information and data.  The institution has a data warehouse and advanced analytical tools that provide a robust technology foundation to support and advance a "Culture of Measurement", described in the 2014 Strategic Issues Panel Report on Higher Education.   Using advanced analytics, UTS provides the institution with the ability to mine data for key indicators of mission performance, to inform academia, and to make operational decisions.  By establishing performance metrics, the institution can measure efficiency and effectiveness of business processes in areas such as shared services, workflows, etc. and focus decision making on the business outcomes on these important initiatives.

Foster Collaborative Innovation

Retaining and strengthening strategic partnerships across the institution to promote academic and administrative innovation is fundamental to the mission of UTS. Collaboration and support for innovation using technology helps foster knowledge, new ideas, and educational innovation for the institution.  UTS partners with every division and department on campus in many ways.  Whether the partnership initiative includes implementation of a new business solution, designing a collaborative learning space or new building, assisting with research needs, assuring compliance, integrating a cloud service, tackling a security issue, supporting desktops and mobile devices, or any other endeavor that requires the use of technology; UTS is committed to supporting strategic partnerships to fulfill objectives for our campus community.

Demonstrate Value

The value of enterprise IT in higher education and its ability to "inform to transform" is immeasurable. The technologies and services administered and supported by UTS have a profound impact for the institution whether applied to teaching and learning, administrative systems, research, or organizational sustainability. However, the influence of IT goes far beyond the technologies deployed.  The real value to the University is what our colleagues DO with the software and services we provide.  UTS works in partnership with key stakeholders and senior administration to ensure that the information and services provided play a prominent role in helping our institutions identify solutions and processes that will set the institution on the right course. Through collaborative efforts across the institution, UTS helps enable new business models, create additional value, and allow for the creation of new value propositions for DU.