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UTS 2014 Annual Report

University of Denver

UTS 2014 Annual Report

Services to Enable Success

Champion, deliver and support services that provide students with tools and systems for success, and faculty members enhanced capacity to innovate and accelerate knowledge creation. Access to campus infrastructure supporting information access, communication, as well as security and reliability are key to success for students and faculty.

A primary mission of University Technology Services is to deliver reliable, secure, and high quality services to University constituents that provide the greatest value and support the objectives and strategies of the institution. Our goal is to exceed expectations in providing easy-to-use, seamless and safe technologies supporting communication, and intuitive and useful access to information and services to enable success for academic outcomes. Included in this strategic area are elements of our campus infrastructure focused on information security, privacy, and the safety of all.


Throughout the student experience, from applying to DU, to arranging financial aid, to using a laptop connected to the campus network, to uploading digital work to Canvas, technology is there to support success. The campus internet and information service should be secure and reliable, yet easy to find and use. Collaboration tools for working in groups, technology help services when something breaks, and classroom technologies to help students learn from each other are all parts of this year’s highlights.


The faculty produces new knowledge every day, and their research data are emerging as one of the targets of technology support services. Research data management, high performance computing, graphics display capacity, and of course, the bandwidth to share data with colleagues around the world are all elements of success for the advancement of knowledge. But advancement of knowledge is key to data-centered decision making for university administrators as well, and data governance about and for the university itself is an element of success. Facilitating access to accurate information efficiently and effectively provides a tremendous value to the institution. Today, over 400 managers, directors and members of senior level management have access to enterprise reporting dashboards and real-time metrics that monitor business processes and activities from enrollment and graduation rates to research funding and alumni giving.


The connected landscape of higher education must accommodate access to resources anywhere and anytime whether on or off campus. Today’s student, faculty member or staff person needs access to information and data from many different sources, and UTS provides deep integration among systems housed and administered on campus to facilitate accurate and relevant data. In addition, the institution utilizes more than 40 cloud-based offerings and services and nearly all of these systems are interconnected with DU campus systems. Whether utilizing Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Collaboration Suite, the institutional LMS Canvas, Slate Enrollment and Admission CRM or other cloud-based service, the value and benefit to the institution and our constituents is in our ability to connect these systems and services together in a useful and meaningful way.