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Your account is automatic

E-mail addresses are automatically created for all new students, faculty and benefited staff. Benefited staff and faculty members at the University are issued Exchange accounts through which to use electronic mail (email) services. Benefited staff and faculty with Exchange accounts. Your network domain credentials, which are also automatically setup, provide access regardless of what software or system you use. For more information, see our E-mail Password Support page.

To request an Exchange account for a non-benefited employee or special community member please open a support request at Requests will be answered within 3 business days. Additional forms may be required to create an account.

Software is your choice

You can manage your DU Exchange e-mail online via -- or you can forward your messages to another address -- or you can use e-mail software on your computer (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc). Some people even use a combination of methods, preferring Outlook in their office and PioneerWeb away from DU. For how-to information on setting up your Exchange account on your email client software or mobile device.

Setting preferences on the mail server

Regardless of the software you use, some setups are "server-side" and handled through WebOutlook. These Options include: setting out of office vacation messages, junk email management, remotely wiping your mobile device and changing your domain passwords. Some options may not appear in browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Your space is limited

On the DU mail servers, your inbox has a limited storage capacity -- 2 GB. So, you'll need to manage your messages to stay under the quota.

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