Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies and Research support creates value for the University of Denver by maintaining a market awareness of upcoming technologies, identifying opportunities for leveraging those technologies in effective ways, and developing plans for transitioning those technologies to daily use.

Current Initiatives

Emerging Technologies and Research Support is currently managing a Pilot Program evaluating the fitness of Virtual Desktop environments for various administrative and academic purposes on campus. The Daniels College of Business, Bursar's Office, Graduate Admissions, and the University Controller’s office are active participants in the pilot program. Virtual Desktops present great hope for providing reliable and centrally managed computing environments that are virus free, easier to maintain, and environmentally friendly.

UPDATE: Three departments are now using virtual desktops in production and several more have placed orders. Yes, there have been some kinks to work out, but things are running smoothly now. Special thanks to the University Controller's office and the Bursar's office for their patience and help with this new technology!

Contact Mike Hiskey, Ben Fotovich, or info-vdi@du.edu for more information.

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