Network Access Control (NAC)

To provide a more stable and secure network, DU employs a Network Access Control (NAC) system to assure that devices connected to the network meet these minimum security requirements:
  • Each desktop computer or other listed device must be authenticated using your DU ID and password.
    Guests: if you do not have a DU ID and wish to access the campus network please contact the department (or responsible party) that you are visiting or are associated with and ask them to complete the DU Network Guest Form.
  • In addition systems running Microsoft Windows:

The Policy Key

To ensure compliance with these requirements, when first connecting an affected device to a wired connection at DU, one with an ethernet cable between the computer and the wall port, users will be required to authenticate and to download and install a software Policy Key. The Policy Key automates the required policy checks.

The Policy Key is only active on your computer when it is plugged into a wired port at DU. It will not interfere with wired connections when using your computer off campus. For example, you will be able to use your computer on a wired connection at DU, unplug it, take your computer to an off campus wired network and use it as you would have before the Policy Key was installed.

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Installing the Policy Key

The first time a device is connected to the DU wired network and a browser is opened, you will be prompted to enter your DU ID and Password.

Before being allowed to access the University network and the Internet, you must enter your credentials to authenticate. Once you are successful you will be guided through the steps to download and install the Policy Key.

For detailed information on the Policy Key install process please see:

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Operating Systems and Device Supported

The NAC and the Policy Key currently support the following:

Operating Systems:
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Macintosh OS X
  • Linux
The devices listed below will continue to work as usual and do not require installation of the NAC policy key:
  • Wired Game Consoles
  • Mobile devices including iPhones
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Antivirus Programs

The following programs are recognized by the NAC:

Symantec - Available for free download to all DU faculty, staff and students at DU
EZ Antivirus
Microsoft OneCare
Symantec Corp
McAfee NA
McAfee 45
TrendMicro Corp
SpySweeper AV
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For additional information please see the Network Access Control (NAC) - Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are experiencing difficulty with authentication, verify that you are using your correct User ID and password.

If you do not know your DU User ID and password or need further assistance please contact the Help Desk by calling 303-871-4700.

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Force Reauthentication

If you have set up this system for another user using your own credentials, please force reauthentication to require the user to authenticate with their own credentials.

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