Network Access Control (NAC) - Vista

Step-By-Step Policy Key Installation Guide for Vista

  • Plug into a wired network port.
  • When you open your Browser and attempt to browse to any location the "Welcome to the Network" page will appear:
NAC Login Screen Capture

  • Please enter your DU ID and Password and click the Submit button.
  • If you have correctly entered your credentials this page will appear:

Welcome page after successful login

  • Be sure to read our "full Policy" (The University's Acceptable Use Policy) and the FAQ.
  • Once you have read these, click on the link that reads "Yes, I will install the Policy Key and accept the terms and conditions for Internet Use”. You may also choose to click "I Do Not Accept". If you decline you will NOT be granted network access.
  • If you do accept the terms, two things will happen, usually within seconds, and may even appear to happen simultaneously:
    1. A new web page will be displayed stating a download will begin momentarily.
    2. The download will start and a "File Download - Security Warning" window will appear:
Vista download warning screen
  • The download web page displayed below does contain some useful information about certain AntiVirus programs. Please note the information and apply it if appropriate.
  • If the Security Warning window appears, you may click here to skip the next step.
  • If the warning does not appear please follow the directions on the web page to download and start the installer:
SafeConnect Installer download web page

Policy Key Install

Policy Installer Welcome screeen

  • Click Run
  • The Safe Connect Installer window will open:

    Policy Key Installer window
  • Click Install
  • When the install is finished it will display a message showing it was succesful:

    Installation Completed Sucessfully screen
  • Click OK
  • If the browser is displaying this page:

    SafeConnect Installer download web page
  • Close the browser.
  • Open a new browser and begin using the network!
  • If you do experience problems and can not resolve them please contact the Help Desk at 303-871-4700.