Faculty & Staff Software:
Microsoft Titles

Centrally Purchased Software

UTS has a volume licensing contract with Microsoft and the following software titles can be installed for free on UNIVERSITY OWNED MACHINES ONLY:

Windows 7 Enterprise

Microsoft Office, PC and Macintosh Editions

How to get the software titles above

Please submit your "Home Use Program" media requests to the UTS Helpdesk via http://go.du.edu/supportrequest

Installation files are made available over a secure network share. NO volume license keys will be given out, as per our licensing agreement with Microsoft. Keys are embedded in our installation files for Office 2007 Enterprise. Windows 7 & 8 Enterprise do not use volume license keys to install and instead activate through our network with a KMS server. After initial installation of Windows, it will require activation with our KMS server within 30 days, which is done automatically if connected to DU's network. Windows needs to renew activation with our KMS server every 180 days with a 30 day grace period before entering into Reduced Functionality Mode. Users need to be aware of this before leaving campus for extended periods of time as Reduced Functionality Mode allows only activation requests and nothing more. It is possible to use the external VPN if off campus in order to have Windows activate with our KMS server.

Can you install it at home?

All students, staff, and faculty members may install the newest version of Microsoft Office on their own Windows PC or Mac computers through Office 365. Simply log into Office 365 and look for the "Install Now" button. If you already have Microsoft Office installed on your home computer, we recommend you uninstall it before upgrading to the new version. You may install Office on up to 5 personally owned computers. Microsoft has also made versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote available for smartphones and tablets. Look for them in the Apple and/or Google Play stores.

The University of Denver is no longer participating in the "Home Use Program" since the Office 365 offering is more advantageous.

Last reviewed: December 8, 2015