Microsoft Windows Vista

What is Vista?

Windows Vista is the latest release of Microsoft Windows operating system. It is the successor to Windows XP and hosts new features that aim to improve security, mobility, ease of operability, graphical user experience, and business functions.

For a complete detailed list of all new features found in Windows Vista, click here.

Technical Support

  • Faculty & Staff:

UTS is currently not distributing Windows Vista Enterprise for use on DU owned computers. At this time, there are numerous software and driver incompatibilities between Vista and critical third-party & security applications used at DU. Until these are resolved, UTS will be unable to support Windows Vista on DU owned computers.

  • Students:

Please refer to the UTS Laptop Requirements page for supported operating systems.

The following software applications are either incompatible or experience functionality problems on Windows Vista:

  • Outlook Web Access on IE7
  • iBanner
  • Blackboard
  • Callegra

Hardware Requirements

There are two classifications of computers that can run Windows Vista with at least the following specifications:

  Vista Capable Vista Premium Ready
Processor: 800 MHz 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM 1 GB RAM
Graphics Card: DirectX 9 capable DirectX 9 capable GPU with Hardware Pixel Shader v2.0
Graphics Memory: N/A 128 MB RAM
Hard Drive capacity : 20 GB 40 GB
Hard Drive Free Space : 15 GB 15 GB
Other Drives : CD-ROM or DVD-ROM DVD-ROM


It is highly recommended that a dual-core processor (Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon) be used with Windows Vista for the overall performance gains.


These are the most commonly available versions of Vista that can be purchased with a new machine or separately through a retail outlet.

  • Vista Home Basic: Retail $199, upgrade $99
  • Vista Home Premium: Retail $239, upgrade $159
  • Vista Business: Retail $299, upgrade $199
  • Vista Ultimate: Retail $399, upgrade $259
  • Vista Enterprise is only available to DU Faculty & Staff full-time employees. At this time, UTS is not supporting Vista Enterprise for Faculty & Staff but are in the process of testing and researching this new technology.

NOTE: If you choose to purchase an upgrade version of Windows Vista to upgrade Windows XP you will no longer be able to use that version of XP, either on another system, or as a dual-boot option. The key will be invalidated, preventing activation. This is true for all versions except volume licensing.

Vista offers a control panel named Windows Anytime Upgrade that will allow the user to quickly upgrade their installation of Vista to a higher version. Essentially, all versions are installed at once, and your key determines which feature subsets are unlocked. This is not available in the Vista Enterprise version. Here is the pricing for the various combinations of version upgrades using this control panel:

  • Home Basic --> Home Premium: $79
  • Home Basic --> Ultimate: $199
  • Home Premium --> Ultimate: $159
  • Business --> Ultimate: $139

Educational pricing is available through the DU Bookstore. For more detailed explanations on the different features available with each version, please review the following web sources:



For questions about Microsoft Windows Vista at University of Denver, please email Jason Bach at