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Directory Assistance

Instead of paying for a directory assistance call, try one of the following links to find the number you're looking for.

US West DEX Find a Person On-line

US West DEX Find a Business On-line

AT&T Directories



If you can't find the number you need on the web, local directory assistance calls may be placed from most departmental telephones on campus by dialing 9+1411. There is a charge of $0.60 per call assessed against the departmental budget number associated with the extension from which the call is placed. If you receive a fast busy signal (reorder tone) when dialing 1411, it means the phone you are using has been blocked from placing such calls.

To place a long distance directory assistance call (1-area code-555-1212) you must use your University issued long distance authorization code or a calling card. There is a charge of $1.00 per call for calls placed to XXX-555-1212 using your authorization code.

Directory assistance for faculty, staff and administrative offices on campus can be obtained by dialing 0 for the campus switchboard from any campus telephone. You may also search DU's web based directory for either Department or Faculty/Staff listings.