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University Writing Program

Welcome to the University Writing Program


Two Writing Program Faculty Deliver All Campus Lectures

Each year during Discoveries Orientation, all incoming students pick from six lectures to attend. These lectures revolve around a central theme of the University, and this year the theme was storytelling. It is an honor to be selected to give one of these lectures, and this year two Writing Program faculty members were chosen: Heather Martin and John Tiedemann. Congratulations to them both on this tremendous achievement! Links to both talks can be found below. 

Shelter Stories by John Tiedemann

The Anatomy of a Story by Heather Martin 

Upcoming events

Short History of Student Writing Exhibit

Please join the us in celebrating A Short History of the Long History of Student Writing at DU, a showcase of the diverse writing of DU students (and a few faculty members) from 1882 to 2015. Highlights include full issues as well as curated stories from DU's three student newspapers, protest flyers and other ephemera from "Woodstock West," selections from student yearbooks, among many other artifacts. The event will begin with a food and beverage service, to be followed by a short presentation about the exhibit and ending with a tour of the exhibits on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

What: A Short History of the Long History of DU Student Writing Opening Reception
When: Wednesday November 9, 2016, 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Special Events Room (290 AAC)

Refreshments will be served.

WRITLarge - Our Annual Magazine of Undergraduate Writing 2015

Please read our latest magazine of fine writing by University of Denver Undergraduates


Creating a robust culture of writing on the DU campus, the Writing Program helps students and faculty develop complex writing abilities needed in contemporary academic, professional, and civic life.

The nationally recognized program provides a national model for colleges and universities seeking exemplary practices in teaching writing.