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Teaching Resources


Professional Resources for Writing Professors

Below is a list of relevant and important professional resources for writing teachers, which includes key organizations and their journals, significant publishers and series in rhetoric and composition, as well as a great introductory resource. Or view pdf here.


Please select one of the following topics to learn more:

Key organizations and their journals

Conference on College Composition and Communication

  • College Composition and Communication
  • College English

National Council of Teachers of English

  • English Journal
  • Voices from the Middle
  • Research in the Teaching of English
  • Language Arts
  • English Education

Associated Writing Programs

Council of Writing Program Administrators

  • Writing Program Administration

TwoYear College Association

  • Teaching English in the TwoYear College

Rhetoric Society of America

  • Rhetoric Society Quarterly
Other significant journals in rhetoric and writing

Written Communication
Rhetoric Review
Composition Studies
Computers and Composition

Significant Publishers and Series in Rhetoric and Composition (beyond NCTE)