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Appointments and Walk-ins

Any DU student, faculty, or staff member may make an appointment for a consultation by calling us at 303-871-7456. Students may also make appointments by going to PioneerWeb, clicking on the "MyWeb" tab, expanding the "Student" folder, selecting "Writing Center," and clicking on "Make an Appointment." We will also see writers on a walk-in basis, if a consultant is available.

Consultations begin on the hour and typically last about 45 minutes. Unless you are working on a multimodal project, we prefer that you bring in a printed copy of your work. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment if you do not show up within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment time.


Drop-in hours

These are short (~10 minute) consultations meant for quick questions, bouncing an idea, getting a second opinion on a paragraph or concept. No appointments are necessary. Please see the sidebar or Hours & Location page for the days and times when drop-in consultations are conducted. 


Online Appointments

If you are an online student, you may schedule online appointments through myWeb. If you are an athlete on the road or a student studying abroad, please call 303-871-7456 and ask for an online consultation. When you schedule an online appointment, an appointment confirmation and set of instructions will be sent to your email address. Please read them carefully. 

To schedule an appointment, call 303-871-7456 and ask for an online consultation. An appointment confirmation and set of instructions will then be sent to your email address. Please read them carefully.


Center Policies and Procedures

There are a few Writing Center policies to be aware of as you schedule your appointments:

  • You can meet with a Writing Center consultant up to three times per week on three different days. We recommend that for any writing project you start with two appointments and then assess, with your consultant, whether you need more.
  • You may have up to three appointments in the system at any given time. As soon as you have completed your first appointment, you will be able to schedule another one. 

  • If you have already had a scheduled appointment, you may come back for a walk-in appointment starting one hour after the end of your scheduled appointment. Walk-in appointments are dependent on consultant availability.
  • Consultations will not be conducted less than two hours before an assignment is due (so if your paper is due at 6 pm, you can meet with us at 4 pm but no later than that).
  • If you do not arrive for your appointment by :10 past the hour, we may release that appointment to a walk-in writer.
  • We're happy to take brief questions during our evening drop-in hours.



Your visit to the Writing Center remains confidential unless you give us permission to send a note to your instructor. Our notes describe your work with the consultant during the consultation. We do not evaluate you or your work in any way.