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I write best when I am excited about exploring a new idea.

I struggle with writing during nearly every one of my writing projects. Writing often doesn't feel at all easy to me, but that difficulty makes me all the more happy when I succeed in writing anyway.

Currently I am writing my dissertation on allegory in late medieval and Renaissance English drama.




Currently I am writing a comprehensive business plan to create and implement an online brokerage of Fair Trade products.

I struggle with writing when I have to write in my second language and I cannot understand grammatical nuances.

My favorite thing I've written is an analysis of the film Edward Scissorhands as a commentary on the hegemonic process and American ideology.




I write best when I feel like the topic is interesting and when I'm not stressed out with all my other classes.

I struggle with writing when life is getting in the way.

Currently I am writing a semi-short fantasy-fiction story for my Senior Thesis.







My favorite thing I've written: It is usually the most current piece I have finished.

Currently Reading: News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Currently Writing: A triptych novel called (for now): Corpses, Artworks and Dreams of

If I could be any author or character: Roberto Bolaño. Because his writing and the way his mind should have functioned to create his works just blows me away.




My favorite thing I've written is a sonnet I wrote when I was a junior at Ave Maria University. I hope you like this sonnet about God lifting up the lowly...and grammar:

The Preposition of the Object
Love has raised up the lowly preposition,
And has secured it at the highest place,
To a lofty throne, in a fine condition,
O'er the other parts of speech at the base,
For what is "death" if 'tis not for another—
An empty noun, a meaningless notion,
Or what is it "to suffer" but with a brother?
Love in life gives meaning to our motion.
With what, for what, in what does each thing act?
By whom does the conjunction join each thing?
By Him who loves as a matter of fact,
Who became a child yet remained the King.
And through whom do we receive such pure love?
'Tis Christ God In-carnate, I'm thinking of.

I write best when I have a long period of time by myself. There I come alive and work out a problem in my mind (or in my heart) on paper. Those at the Writing Center and others help me to see what I may not be seeing when I write by myself, but as an introvert, the "creation of writing" usually happens when I am alone.




A quotation I'm thinking about is this: "You shall above all things be glad and young. For if you're young, whatever life you wear it will become you. And if you're glad, whatever's living will yourself become." -e.e. cummings

If I could be any character for a day, I would be Professor X from X-Men so that I could play with telepathy.

Currently I am reading in the bathtub.




Currently I am reading a strange but wonderful book called An Introduction to Venantius Fortunatus for Schoolchildren or Understanding the Medieval Concept World through Metonymy by Mike Schorsch, as well various things for class like Longinus's treatise on the sublime and poems by Haryette Mullen.

I'm writing—trying to write—something about how bilingual editions of translated books are very important.

I write best when I'm walking, sleeping, or doing dishes.





I write best when I flip on a jazz tune and let my thoughts wander without any consideration of time.

Currently, I'm reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau and sometimes I find myself wanting to drop it all and wander into the woods. And then I remember the horrifying porcupine and decline any further considerations.

A quotation I'm thinking about this weeks is from my favorite Neil Young song, "Thrasher," in which he sings, ". . . it was then that I knew I'd had enough, burned my credit card for fuel, headed out to where the pavement turns to sand. . ."




I write best when I am confident in the genre, passionate (or at least interested) in the subject matter, and when an unavoidable deadline is approaching.
I struggle with writing when I am discouraged, unmotivated, or tired. I also have a tendency to be a perfectionist, so writing under high stakes can be paralyzing.

Currently I am reading Felidae by Akif Pirinçci, a murder mystery type novel...about cats. I am disgusted but fascinated by it.

My favorite thing I've written is the story below I wrote in first grade...

A Specil Rabbit Story
One day, a little fluffy rabbit went out to play. Her name was Fluffy. Fluffy and her sisters and brothers had to take care of themselves, because one day when they were in the meadow picking berries, Fluffy's mother had heard a fox. She told them to run as fast as they could go, and boy did they run. They ran so fast that when Fluffy looked back she could not see her mother anymore. They reached the tunnel just in time to hear a loud noise. THEIR MOTHER WAS DEAD!!! But they were safe because they made a fox suit and caught lots of fish, then the fox asked them how they got the fish.




My favorite thing I've written is a personal narrative from the viewpoint of the coffee maker in my childhood kitchen. My high school English teacher asked us to write something from the perspective of a kitchen appliance. It was freeing, fun and creative.

I write best when I'm either backed up against a deadline (in true procrastinator fashion), or I'm under absolutely no pressure, stipulations or conditions whatsoever.

A quotation I'm thinking about this week is from one of my favorite authors, Alice Walker, who wrote The Color Purple: "have you ever found God in church? I never did. I just found a bunch of folks hoping for him to show. Any God I ever felt in church I brought in with me. And I think all the other folks did too. They come to church to share God, not find God."




My favorite thing that I've written is a travel essay about Boulder, CO

I write best when I am in a quiet secluded place.

Currently I am writing a Spanish argumentative paper.




I write best when I am alone and without pressing obligations, or when I have little time and a timer ticking beside me. I am currently using a red kitchen timer with a dial.

Currently, I'm reading Cortázar's Hopscotch and a manuscript by Vanessa Place entitled The Confession. I am also reading Technologies of Gender by Teresa de Lauretis and am looking forward to Thinking Its Presence, Dorothy Wang's forthcoming book.

Right now, I am writing a grant application, and as the deadline is looming ever closer, I return....




Currently I'm reading book V of Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series (when I'm not writing essays!)

Currently I'm writing a field research proposal for for my Applied Field Methods class.

If I could be one author for a day, I would be Oscar Wilde because his dry humor and wit are always good to have in one's back pocket.




I write best when I am in a quiet area with no distractions.

Currently I'm reading Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert

If I could be one author (or character) for a day, I'd be George R.R. Martin because I would really like to know how A Song of Ice and Fire ends and which characters survive until that point.




Currently I'm reading a short story one of my best friends from back home wrote for me. He knows how much I love the story of Little Red Riding Hood, so he wrote his own version based on some of my favorite adaptations I have shared with him and some theories of my own that I have about the story.

Currently I'm writing papers. Lots of papers in preparation for finals. I'm trying to get my distinction in History so I'm working hard to keep my GPA up.

If I could be one author (or character) for a day, I would definitely be Hermione Granger. She is intelligent and more importantly isn't afraid of showing her intelligence; instead she embraces it and never hides it. Her beauty is sometimes overlooked or ignored, and she is teased and looked down on for her background, but she doesn't let it get to her and stays strong and loyal throughout the books.




I write best when I am struggling to meet a deadline.

I struggle with writing when I am struggling to meet a deadline.

Currently I'm reading Padre Pio: The True Story by C. Bernard Ruffin.

Currently I'm writing text and music for a vocal piece (for soprano, clarinet and piano).

If I could be one author (or character) for a day, I would be Hildegard von Bingen, because she was more creative with language and music than I'll ever be!




I am a student of religion and philosophy, which means my writing is usually about some idea or thinker of yesteryear.

Currently, I am reading Georges Bataille and Alphonso Lingis, as I am developing a connection between eroticism and ascetic practice.

My interests range from astrophysics to third wave coffee, of which I probably drink way too much!




I struggle with writing when I have to think about structural things, like, you know, plot.

My favorite thing I've written is always what I've just finished.

Currently I'm reading postmodern novels for class and The Tales by Jessica Bozek.




Currently I'm reading crime fiction about murder detectives in Dublin by one of my favorite Irish novelists, Tana French.

Currently I'm writing papers on modern drama, Writing Center theory, T. S. Eliot, and my first (pitiful) attempt at a play.

If I could be one author (or character) for a day, I would be Oscar Wilde-- great clothes, decadent lifestyle, and always a witty quip on hand. Apparently right before he died he looked at the window in his room and said "either those drapes go, or I do."






I write best when I am under pressure.

I struggle with writing when I find that I'm not terribly interested in the topic after I've started.

Currently I'm reading Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin and The Alchemists by Neil Irwin.

Currently I'm writing a paper looking at the Federal Reserve's monetary policy responses to the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis.




I write best when I just sit down and do it. It's easier if I give myself a time limit and just keep writing until I'm done.

Currently I'm reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking.

If I could be one character for a day, I would be... anyone from Harry Potter. How could I pass up a chance to be enrolled at Hogwarts?




Currently I am reading Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Currently I am writing a short crime story about a serial killer.

If I could be any author or character for a day, I would be F. Scott Fitzgerald, because he is one of my favorite authors, and I would love to see the world from his perspective and understand how his mind worked.




Favorite memes: Grumpy Cat, Ermahgerd

I am currently reading: Memes, Baudrillard






I write best when under tension of some sort.

A quotation I'm thinking about this week is this: "We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." T.S. Elliot

Currently I am reading Fixions and Other Stories by Taban Lo Liyong