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Writing Groups

The Writing Center offers support to DU student writing groups.

Why FORM a Writing Group?

Writing groups are small, informal groups of students who meet to read and discuss each other's work in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment. Forming a writing group supported by the Writing Center can help you:

  • Improve your writing and gain confidence in your abilities
  • Set low-stress deadlines to help you stay on track through large writing projects, whether a final essay for a difficult course, a thesis, a capstone project, or a doctoral dissertation
  • Create a support network of peers who can read your work and help you to improve your writing chops over time while helping others in return
  • Improve your English-language skills

How Does it Work?

Most effective writing groups are small, usually 3-5 students, and meet semi-regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), either in person or online:

  • A Writing Center consultant can join you occasionally at the Writing Center or online to help facilitate and guide your discussions, ask questions, or even just help your group stay on track.
  • You might take turns sending a piece of writing (an essay, a thesis or dissertation chapter, a literature review from a capstone project, etc.) to your writing group to read and discuss in an upcoming meeting. At the meeting, you will get feedback from a real, supportive audience and answers to questions you have about your draft.
  • Or at the meetings, you can collectively read and comment on a group member's writing.

How Do I Get Started?

The most effective writing groups tend to be made up of students who have similar writing concerns, though that does not necessarily mean that all writers need to be within the same department. Identify at least one or two friends, classmates, or colleagues who also have ongoing writing projects or concerns. Then e-mail us at with the names and e-mail addresses of your writing group members, and we will get in touch to set up an appointment with one of our consultants.

Other Writing Group Basics

A writing group supported by the Writing Center is not an extra class but a low-stress social tool to help students write, improve, and stay focused over the course of a long project, all while building comfort and confidence.

A writing group supported by the Writing Center can be as small a commitment as you choose.

A writing group supported by the Writing Center requires no prior experience in writing groups. Writing Center consultants work with student writing groups to facilitate discussions and to help writers ask questions, get and give helpful feedback, and become comfortable working in a writing group over time.

Contact the Writing Center today about getting help with facilitating a writing group at 303-871-7456 or (please include "writing group" in the subject line).