Thank you for your interest in this year's Diversity Summit workshops.

We have several ways to review your options:

  • A quick schedule Summary Grid (PDF) gathers the titles, times and locations.
  • The 2018 Diversity Summit Workshops Guide (PDF) includes complete workshop schedule and details. Location and presenter biographies are also listed.
  • And session titles are listed below by session, as a quick reference.

All details are subject to change. Please check signs on the day for most updated information.

Use links at left to find other Summit details!

Thursday morning (10.45am-12noon)

  • Administrator Roundtable (BY INVITE ONLY)

  • Climate Justice Discussions and Practices

  • Building Bridges (x2 sessions ) (DU faculty and staff only; reserve your seat)

  • Educate One, Educate All

  • Just Sustainability: Examining the Intersection of Sustainability and Social Justice

  • Power Mapping: Leveraging Tangible Community Organizing Tools to Address Inequity


Thursday early afternoon (2-3.15pm)

  • Building Bridges (x2 sessions) (DU faculty and staff only; reserve your seat)

  • A Conversation with Dr Dorceta Taylor: The Institutional Challenges of Connecting Sustainability and Diversity in a Place Like DU (BY INVITE ONLY)

  • Equity, Social Justice in Westwood: Latinos Shaping their own Destiny

  • Listening for social sustainability: fostering community and connectedness through dialogue

  • Navigating the "Organic Classroom" with Feminist, Anti-Racist Ethics: A Workshop

  • Validating Lived Experiences


Thursday late afternoon (3.30-4.45pm)

  • Changing the Paradigm: the Role of Diversity and Sustainability in the Arts

  • Comfort Zone, Learning Edge, and Challenge Zone

  • The Spirit of Justice

  • Strategies of Survival for Critically Conscious Graduate Students

  • Your Response Matters: How to Effectively Respond to Disclosures of Interpersonal Violence, Harassment, and Other Tough Topics

  • What the F*** Aziz!: A workshopped conversation about sexual assault


Friday morning (10.30-11.45am)

  • Building Bridges (x2 sessions) (DU faculty and staff only; reserve your seat)

  • Building Relationships: Inclusively, Intentionally, and Reciprocally

  • Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Practices for Developing and Sustaining a Positive Organizational Climate and Working Culture

  • Equity in STEM: Minority Perspectives on Major Privileges

  • How Social Enterprises Expand Opportunity in Underinvested Communities

  • Inclusive Campus Environment: Creating Spaces for Survivors

  • Intergroup Dialogue Pilot Class at DU

  • *Radical Honesty, Resistance, and Self Care: Black Women Navigating the Academy in Challenging Times

  • The Spirit of Justice

  • Waste No More

*Part of simultaneous meeting of the Colorado Association of Blacks in Higher Education. Summit participants are welcome to attend, space permitting.



  • Seats and Safety: Participation in each session is limited to the number of seats already in the room. Please do not pull chairs from other spaces, or sit on the floor/in aisles. Instead, use a full room as an opportunity to explore a new topic! 
    A few sessions are restricted to very specific participants or smaller headcounts based on content or activities. Please select another session, or a later offering of repeated sessions.
  • Changes & Updates: Please check signs in the Summit registration/check-in area (Davis Auditorium lobby in Sturm Hall) or on room doors for any day-of updates (eg, room changes, cancellations, etc).
  • Session Materials: We have challenged presenters not to distribute handouts or other physical materials, in order to minimize environmental impact. They have been invited to submit digital versions, which we will post here on the Summit website after the event; others may collect contact information from participants and share directly.