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Community Responses to Email Attack

On Wednesday, our community was subjected to an email attack filled with hateful, derogatory, and racist language and inaccurate statements about individual members of our community that also deeply affected our black, Latino and LGBTQIA communities. 

As a campus, we must come together to denounce and reject hate in all its forms.  Messages like the one sent to hundreds within our community this week are not only hurtful, but blatantly contradict the values and principles DU stands for.

Attacks like these are meant to divide us. Let’s use it to unite us instead.  We encourage everyone in our community to intervene when words of hate are spoken. In solidarity, here we will share expressions of whatever you may be experiencing – hurt, frustration, anger and/or disgust that such vile comments, sent in a cowardly anonymous way, were voiced towards any individual or group within our campus community. 

  • SASA Statement

    In regard to the encrypted email sent out to various DU community members yesterday, we as the South Asian Student Association are in astonishment and grave disappointment at the falsities transcribed in the spam email. We have been following the situation closely and the claims made are completely unsolicited and furthermore, hateful to our minorities communities at large on this campus. In short, a racist and degrading email was sent out to several hundred members of the DU community regarding an ongoing Title IX case.

    We would like to make it abundantly clear that we will not allow for this depiction of our communities to stand. However, in these divisive times, we would also like to remind our everyone that we must stand together in unity against those that aim to discredit our organizations. Let us use this to further strengthen the community we have built.

    Beyond this, we stand in solidarity with any organization or individual who has been targeted by this email. We understand that this occurrence is sensitive and we encourage those with any questions or concerns to reach out. In addition, at the next Joint Council meeting on November 7th from 5-7:00pm there will be a town hall held in place. Administrators, such as Lili Rodriguez, are invited to come and listen while students are urged to voice their opinions on the matter in this space. Regardless of whether you have an opinion to share please come and show your support for other organizations speaking out.

    Above all, we would like our community to know that we are here as leaders and supporters to care for our people. Please feel free to contact us with any further thoughts. Below we have listed some resources in regard to this incident.

    With care,

    South Asian Student Association Executive Board - University of Denver

  • Student Government Leadership Response

    Regarding the spam email that was sent out to our community on Wednesday morning:

    We, the leaders of the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Governments, are appalled by and unequivocally denounce the hateful and derogatory statements espoused in the message. We are working in coordination with the University to hold and promote dialogues throughout the next week to allow DU students, staff, and administrators to discuss and process what has occurred. We will be sending out information on these initiatives soon. We are in solidarity for those affected and encourage other campus groups to do the same by sharing your own messages. These will be collected and posted to a central location on the DU website.

    The Executive teams of the Student Governments of the University of Denver are united in opposition to hateful and divisive rhetoric. We at the University of Denver are committed to diversity and inclusion which makes us better and stronger as a community. This hateful, ignorant, and bigoted messaging will not divide us. We are at our best when all of our community members feel respected and able to be themselves. Moving forward, we will continue to build a stronger and supportive University of Denver.

    We are a community. For those who need assistance, we encourage you to reach out. There are resources located within the Health and Counseling Center which are open and available to all students. For further support please feel free to reach out to any of us.

    In solidarity,

    Michael Fiorini, Graduate Student Government President

    Bryce Armijo, Undergraduate Student Government President

    R. Richard Williams, Graduate Student Government Vice President

    Holden Fitzgerald, Undergraduate Student Government Vice President