Travel Ban Resources for Students

The University of Denver continues to support all our community members. We do not and will not voluntarily share student information with immigration enforcement officials.

Resources for Students

Resources for Employees, Faculty and Staff

Employee Immigration Status Questions

Any employee who has a concern about their status as it relates to their employment should contact Molly Rossi in the Office of Human Resources at 303-871-3103 or

Human Resources and Inclusive Community Resources

Mental Health Support

The Counseling/Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to faculty and staff. University employees can attend up to six counseling sessions each fiscal year at the HCC (the initial consult plus 5 sessions). All individual EAP visits are a covered benefit for University employees and are available at no additional fee.

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CTA Module

Turkish Nonimmigrant Visa Resources

The United States and Turkey have suspended all nonimmigrant visas. Please check the ISSS website or contact an ISSS advisor for questions and support.

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General Resources for All Community Members

Spiritual and Religious Support

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life passionately advocates for the integration of religious, spiritual and ethical voices and values at the University of Denver. Chaplain Gary Brower ( is available for confidential conversation and support.

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Support Negotiating with the University

Ombuds Office is a confidential and informal resource for any campus community member who may be experiencing difficulties navigating their time at the University. Please contact Ombuds Jenna Brown at 303-871-4712 or

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Psychological Support for Community Members

Additional fee-based counseling services are available through the following clinics:

Support After a Bias Incident

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX, in collaboration with University partners, fosters an environment of equal opportunity for students, faculty and staff in all aspects of educational programming and employment. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX is responsible for ensuring compliance with the University's anti-discrimination policies and promoting full compliance with all federal, state and local discrimination laws. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX can assist you with:

  • Consultation concerning issues of possible discrimination, harassment or retaliation
  • Investigation of complaints of discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation
  • Investigation of sexual misconduct matters including sexual assault (non-consensual sexual contact)