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Striving to be better

Our students and faculty are world changers—and we want to open opportunities for more of them. From diversity and college-access initiatives to our commitment to sustainability, we're building a community where people of all backgrounds can explore their passions and build a better world.

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    31.5 percent increase in Latin@ student population from 2011 to 2016

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    6.4 percent increase in international student population from 2011 to 2016

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    49th on U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges for Veterans list 

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Annual Diversity Summit

Each year, we bring together students, faculty and community members at the Diversity Summit to develop strategies for building a more inclusive campus environment. Featuring workshops, panel discussions, and diversity masterclasses from faculty and guest lecturers, the Diversity Summit is one of many ways we advance the discussion and realization of our inclusive excellence goals.

Building an Inclusive Community

DU Alum Edgar Barraza earns admission to the Colorado Bar Association.

DU Dreamer Joins CO Bar

“I'm the first undocumented student to be admitted to law school in Colorado," says DU Alum Edgar Barraza. He's the first "dreamer" to graduate from law school and gain admission to the Colorado Bar Association.

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Black Lives Matter at DU

Black Lives Matter at DU

A panel at our 2016 Diversity Summit discussed the lessons of the Black Lives Matter movement and the possibility of integrating the movement's values into higher education by creating a more inclusive campus.

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Sustainability at DU

Each member of the DU community can contribute to safeguarding and improving our planet's health. Our Environmental Sustainability Living and Learning Community is a residential experience that unites undergraduates dedicated to a more sustainable society. We're also committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Our Division of Natural Science and Mathematics offers programs in environmental science and environmental chemistry, as well as a minor in sustainability. From the residence halls to the classroom to the larger community, our students are learning and enacting the practices that will preserve our planet for generations.

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$5 million investment in green fund for sustainable practices at DU

LEED Certification

5 LEED Gold Certified buildings on campus


Reduced carbon footprint by 28 percent from 2006 to 2015, with a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050

Healthy Campus for a Healthy Planet

University of Denver students lead sustainable efforts in the community.

Promoting Sustainability

Our formal policy on climate change and sustainable development utilizes our partnerships and academic efforts in research, teaching and service to increase our sustainability and improve awareness in the community.

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Students can now hit the slopes by sharing a ride with the Wanderlift app.

New Student-Built App

If you need a ride to your favorite ski resort, there’s now an app for that. DU students Meredith Gee and Sam Schooler developed Wanderlift, a ride-sharing app for adventure lovers.

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Building Smarter Cities

Building Smarter Cities

DU, along with other project partners, is researching how to move away from legacy electric power grids and focus on consumer-deployed technologies within a smart grid to promote sustainability and security.

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Promoting Education for All

As a private university entrenched in the Denver community, we serve people of all backgrounds. We work to make a DU education more accessible to students from historically marginalized populations, both in Colorado and around the nation.

Our Center for Multicultural Excellence works with students and the community to strengthen the pipeline that leads to a more diverse and inclusive college environment for the benefit of all students. Through the center, we engage with organizations and the community to prepare young people for college, inspiring the next generation of students and leaders to reach their potential.

Building an Inclusive Community

Improving Rural Education

Improving Rural Education

The Marsico Institute provides resources and practices to improve early childhood education in rural areas through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Science.

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University of Denver PhD candidate Molly Sarubbi.

Foster Child Advocacy

PhD candidate Molly Sarubbi advocates for children in the foster system. Her focus is on analyzing the factors that impact their academic achievement and finding tactics to improve educational inclusiveness.

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