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University of Denver

Study Abroad


To empower the DU community to be global stewards of the public good.


To guide intercultural learning for DU students by providing access to diverse, quality study abroad programming and support, through collaboration with the DU community and our partners abroad.


  • Collaboration: We can't do it alone
  • Confidence: Encouraging ourselves and our students to embrace ambiguity
  • Inclusiveness: Committed to having courageous conversations
  • Humanness: Creating fun and embracing authenticity
  • Learning: Welcoming the wins and the whoopsies
  • Innovation: Striving for creative solutions
  • Balance: Prioritizing what is most important
  • Global: Our interconnectedness matters

OIE Communication Policy

 Email is the standard method of communication used by our staff, and we aim to respond to inquiries within two business days. All study abroad-related emails from our office will be sent to your address. Your host program may give you an additional email address for your time abroad. Monitor both your DU and abroad program email accounts regularly for important information, requests and notifications.

We can only share information about your abroad experience with you, the student. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), your details will not be discussed with anyone else—including family members and guardians—unless you give us explicit permission to speak with them. If you wish to release your student records, you must complete a release form. We aim to include you in all conversations about your abroad experience, even when replying to queries from your FERPA-approved contacts.


Meet the OIE Staff

Office of Internationalization