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Study Abroad


What types of classes do you hope to take while you're abroad? It's important to talk with your academic advisor to be sure you understand how your study abroad experience fits into your graduation plan. You and your advisor can decide what your goals are and what academic experience would be the right fit.

You have a lot of options to consider. Do you want to:

  • study your major from a new point of view?
  • take classes not offered at DU?
  • focus on language acquisition?
  • take classes about the culture/history/politics of your host country?
  • explore new areas of study?
  • take a wide variety of different types of classes?
  • fulfill general requirements at DU?
  • consider DU's minor in Intercultural Global Studies?

All of the options mentioned above (and more!) are available through study abroad programs. It is up to YOU, however, to do the research and find the program that's the perfect fit for you. You may find that some programs have a very limited number (and type) of classes, while others have wider course offerings than DU. Because of this, it is important that you know what your academic needs are prior to choosing your study abroad program.