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Study Abroad


What types of classes do you hope to take while you're abroad? Would it serve you to compliment traditional academic coursework with field experiences, research, or an internship abroad? It's important to talk with your faculty advisor about your academic and professional goals and how study abroad fits in with your graduation plan at DU.

Among your options to consider, do you want to:

  • Study your major from a new point of view?
  • Gain a more global perspective on your area of study?
  • Take classes not offered at DU?
  • Focus on language acquisition?
  • Take classes about the culture/history/politics of your host country?
  • Explore new areas of study?
  • Take a wide variety of different types of classes?
  • Fulfill general requirements at DU?
  • Engage in field experiences, research, service-learning, or an internship abroad?
  • Consider DU's minor in Intercultural Global Studies?

Options mentioned above (and more!) are available through different study abroad programs. It is up to YOU, however, to do the research and find the program that's the right fit for you. Some programs offer more limited, but specialized classes, while others have wide and varied course offerings. Because of this, it is important that you know what your academic needs and goals are prior to choosing your study abroad program. Talking with your faculty advisor in advance will also help to ensure that you choose a program and coursework that allows you to stay on track to graduate and further enhances your DU academic experience.

Required Study Abroad Courses: INTZ 2501 & 2502

All DU students studying abroad through the OIE on a term length program or longer (including term-length summer programs) are required to complete the two-credit course, INTZ 2501: Exploring Global Citizenship sometime in the academic year prior to their study abroad program (exceptions to this policy are provided for students who matriculated to DU prior to fall 2016). The one-credit online course taken while abroad, INTZ 2502: Global Citizenship in Practice , is required of all students on unaffiliated programs and recommended for all DU study abroad students.

Together these two courses help prepare students to maximize their time abroad.

For additional academic considerations in planning for study abroad, as well as information on academic differences around the world, the required INTZ courses, and course approvals see the Academics section of the DU Study Abroad Handbook.