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The OIE will typically receive your study abroad transcript 3-4 months after you've completed your program. Until then, you will see a "fake" 16-credit placeholder course on your student record. Once your transcript is received, your coursework from abroad will replace that placeholder course.

If you participated on a DU Partner Program, please see the Global Grading and Credit Scale to see how your credits and grades will transfer to DU resident credit.

If you participated on an unaffiliated program, you will receive transfer credit.

Need a study abroad transcript for a grad school application?

If you participated in a DU Partner Program, remember that your courses abroad are reflected on your DU transcript as resident credit, and your grades are displayed; because the courses and grades are shown, many graduate programs will not require the transcript from abroad, but you should still contact them to confirm what their policy is on study abroad transcripts. If you do need an original transcript from your abroad program, you should contact your abroad institution or study abroad program directly to request it from them. DU is not able to provide you with a copy of your study abroad transcript.