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Study Abroad

Faculty & Advisors

Study Abroad Course Approvals

Beginning in fall 2014, all study abroad course approvals are handled digitally through the Registrar’s online system, the Transfer International Education Reporting (TIERS) system. Please refer to the Registrar's complete instructions on how to use the system.  If you are your department's designated course approver, you may click here to view your pending requests.

Course Approval Types for Study Abroad

  • Approvals for courses to count towards a major/minor requirement:

Departments may choose to equate a course taken abroad as a specific DU course equivalent, which would serve all functions (pre-requisite, etc.) of that course. The department may also choose to approve the course for general departmental credit.

  • Approvals for Common Curriculum courses taught by your Department:

These courses are required to be direct equivalents to specific DU courses that form part of the Common Curriculum. Exceptions to this rule have to be requested by faculty and departmental study abroad course approver through the Central Committee.

Note: FSEM, WRIT, and ASEM courses may not be taken abroad.

  • Approval for general university elective credit:

Any course that aligns with a discipline taught at DU and is earned on a DU Partner Program or an unaffiliated program (AUP/UPP) will automatically come back as elective credit if not already approved for a specific degree requirement.

Students on DU Partner Programs will earn DU resident credit.

Students on unaffiliated programs (AUPs/UPPs) will earn transfer credit.

A student may get a course approved for multiple degree requirements (and by multiple departments), but once the foreign transcript arrives to DU, the course will only fulfill one degree requirement; not multiple requirements.