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Complete all steps below before your chosen deadline.
It usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete all steps.
Start now & pay attention to additional requirements (ex: meetings)


1. Attend a First Step or Reapplying After Cancellation session

You must view one of these mandatory online sessions:

  • EITHER: First Step to Study Abroad: Mandatory for first-time applicants. Learn how to find programs, how DU's system works & important considerations. We highly recommend you attend a live session if possible!
  • OR: Reapplying After Cancelation: Mandatory for students reapplying after COVID-19 cancelation of the term they were originally nominated to study abroad. Not recommended for first-time applicants. Learn what's changed, how to reapply & important considerations.

See the schedule of sessions. Can't make it to a live Zoom session? Watch the video (available after week 2 of Fall Quarter).


2. Open an application (in DU Passport)

By opening an application, you'll get access to your "checklist" of steps to apply for nomination.

  • There is no commitment to opening an application.
  • Read about the Waitlist (incl. how to open a waitlist application)

3. Review the Study Abroad Handbook (in Canvas)

The Study Abroad Handbook is your one-stop shop for information about all things study abroad. Check out the pages that will help you apply in the Considering & Applying section.

4. Research Programs

Start by considering what you want out of a program.

A script of the video is also available
A script of the video is also available

Once you have an idea of what you want, search for programs.

  • Read the entire online program brochure for each program that interests you – be sure to check the Eligibility section at the top!
  • Visit each program's website for more details (course lists, extracurriculars, etc.)

5. Meet with an OIE advisor

Individual Meetings: Book one-on-one appointments with OIE advisors here.

Mandatory Advising: For some programs, you MUST meet one-on-one with the OIE advisor for that program/region and talk about that program to be eligible for nomination.

6. Complete additional requirements - IMPORTANT

Some programs have additional steps you must take BEFORE you submit. See Eligibility Requirements at the top of each of your program brochures for any additional requirements.

  • If you don't complete these before you submit, you may not be considered for nomination to that program
  • Early Deadline - Nov. 23, 2020: If you choose this earlier deadline, you must complete ALL requirements by this deadline (incl. meetings, documents, petitions, etc.)
  • Petition Deadline - Jan. 6, 2021: If you're submitting a petition, you must complete ALL requirements by this earlier deadline (incl. meetings, documents, petitions, etc.)

7. Get/renew your passport

Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months past the end of your program.

  • Some programs require you submit proof you have this passport BEFORE you submit your nomination application
  • Get a passport (or renew your current one) now to avoid disqualification
  • See Passport Q & A

8. Write your program essays

The OIE uses your essays to help determine the degree to which your program choice(s) are a strong fit for you.

Essays Matter

Check out these helpful resources:

  • Essay Pointers: Quick overview of what the OIE looks for in your essays
  • Essay Essentials: Check the DU Nomination Instructions section of each brochure for a list of these sometimes mandatory talking points to discuss in your essays (if applicable)
  • Essay Scoring Guide: Details about what the OIE looks for in your essays
  • Essay Examples: Well-written essays from previous students (questions change slightly from year to year)
  • DU Writing Center: Resource to help you write strong essays – go to their Study Abroad Essay Workshop for extra help

9. Complete your DU Passport checklist

Complete your entire DU Passport checklist. You can’t hit Submit until everything is marked off.

10. Hit Submit by the deadline

Hit Submit at the top of your application before the appropriate deadline. But first, check out the following reminders:


DU Nomination to Study Abroad

After the Standard Deadline, the Office of International Education will review all applications. Students will only be nominated to ONE of their program choices. You’ll find out your nomination with your peers in late February.

Remember, getting nominated is just one small step of your study abroad journey!


DU Nomination + Program Acceptance = Official Acceptance

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