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University Academic Programs

University of Denver

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs comprises multiple departments that advance the mission of the University by providing enhanced curricular and co-curricular experiences that have the potential to reach every student.


Academic Affairs promotes academic excellence, engagement, and student success by empowering students to make the most of their experience at the University of Denver. To implement our mission we:

  • collaborate with the schools, divisions, academic departments, the faculty, and student life to develop programs, curricula, and experiences that support, inspire, and challenge students;
  • encourage students, through coursework and research, to learn about the tools and perspectives offered by different disciplines, as well as the benefits and challenges of bringing these perspectives together to study a given topic; and
  • guide and support students as they navigate the University; discover, define, and realize their academic and career goals, acquire skills and experiences that foster meaningful lives of engagement in their communities, and access mentoring and the resources that will promote their success as engaged citizens.


As a unit that uniquely supports and serves all students, Academic Affairs enhances the student experience by fostering cross-disciplinary connections, providing students with the opportunities to deepen hands-on learning, to engage in community-based service learning, and to cultivate their passions outside of their major courses. Academic Affairs also serves faculty members across the institution through multiple trainings and workshops held to develop specific skills or mindsets that are applicable for working with students both inside and outside the classroom.